As the pace of technological progress intensifies, agile businesses and entrepreneurs are discovering new applications that take advantage of faster and cheaper computer processing power.

The status quo is being upended across all industries, and in some cases totally new industries are being created. Fast Forward is a book that filters this chaotic landscape and identifies the areas that will have the greatest impact to our lives, highlighting investment opportunities along the way. These disruptive technologies span the fields of robotics, transportation, the changing internet, life sciences, 3D printing and energy, all of which are experiencing tremendous growth.

With their previous books published over the past 9 years, Mellon and Chalabi have established an excellent track record of recognizing investment opportunities before they become mainstream, starting with forecasting the Great Recession in 2005, and identifying gold as an excellent hedge. More recently, they have written about life sciences, and their recommended stocks in "Cracking the Code" have outperformed every major market in the world.


01 Robotics & Automation - Bringing Us an Era of Abundance
Robots have always captured mankind’s imagination and all of us have watched sci-fi movies featuring robots in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes these robots play good guys; other times they are out to destroy humanity.  READ MORE >
02 Life Extension –Enhancing Lives and Portfolios
In 2012 we published Cracking the Code, a book that foretold an accelerated pace of medical technologies and predicted an unprecedented extension of average human lifespan. READ MORE >
03 Internet of Things – What’s Around You Will Astound You
It has been about twenty years since the internet was first introduced into our lives. Remember those big, clunky screens and the tediously slow modem dial-up services? READ MORE >
04 Transportation – Accelerating in High Gear
In 1968, a movie named 2001: A Space Odyssey was released that changed the way people thought about the future. Directed by Stanley Kubrick, it has become something of a cult film, playing as it does on a futuristic description of human protagonists pitted against rogue humanized computers on board a space mission to Jupiter.  READ MORE >
05 Energy – Renewing the Charge
In 1968, a movie named 2001: A Space Odyssey was released that Energy is fundamental to every aspect of our lives. Much of it we use for transportation and in the form of electricity for the home and office for lighting and to power all sorts of appliances and gadgets, and to heat and cool our indoor environment.  READ MORE >
06 Payment Processing – Right on the Money
Money is the medium through which humans exchange goods and services, and it is used universally. Money is also a store of value, acting as a way for surplus capital (i.e. savings) to be recycled back into the economy.  READ MORE >
07 3D Printing – New Dimensions in Manufacturing
This chapter is all about the exciting and rapidly emerging field of three dimensional or “3D” printing, which has been receiving a great deal of media attention, sometimes even being heralded as a second industrial revolution. READ MORE >
08 Media, Publishing & Education – Extinction of the Dinosaurs
In an earlier chapter, we discussed the rise of the internet and more specifically the emerging areas around what is termed as the “Internet of Things.” In this chapter we take a closer look at how the internet has been changing the way people consume media content, and what the traditional media empires have had to do to remain relevant. READ MORE >