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Matthias Hilpert

Start with our template and build your own

Matthias Hilpert

Bottom up calculation of the cost you incur in your sales process

Presentations & Videos

Balderton Capital

Becc Holland

A good overview presentation from one of the top tier VCs

Probably the best videos and material available on how to optimise outbound sales

Dirik Iskender

A 100 page overview on how to approach sales as a B2B startup by a Microsoft ScaleUp Managing Director

Steli Efti

The founder of CRM Software on SaaS sales on 160 pages


Amos Schwartzfarb

Amos is Managing Director at Techstars and has written a great alternative to Fast Forward.

Pete Kazanjy

Pete is co-founder of Atrium as well as the Modern Sales Pro community and has also written a great complementary book to Fast Forward.

Blogs & Communities

Jason Lemkin

Founder of EchoSign writing probably themost widely read blog on SaaS and Sales

Mark Suster

Perspectives of a 2x entrepreneur turned VC with strong sales credentials

Lincoln Murphy

Author and extensive writer on customer success and growth

David Skok

5x serial entrepreneur turned VC with a focus on SaaS and Sales

Christoph Janz

The European institution on SaaS

Tomasz Tunguz

Prolific VC writer about everything startup, including sales

Max Altschuler

#1 community for B2B sales. Quite useful templates and much more by






Useful, but sometimes also a little bit biased articles from some of the top CRM tools

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